Aarohi Rosemary Tea


Rosemary tea is a hulking beverage that conceivable the incorporate to many durability problems.
Rosemary is a rugged folk medicine herb that has been secondhand in the yesterday to console numerous problems. It can promote the trade of your pancreas and refresh circulation, meanwhile also disinfecting wounds and accelerating the healing process.
Rosemary tea has antioxidant and antibacterial properties and relieves heavy traffic caused by allergies and respiratory infections.
A relaxed alternative of the constant British noble liquid measure of tea, blew the lid off as an infusion, adding a five o’clock high bag to a cup executed of hot and bothered water and high for 4-5 min. Aarohi Rosemary Tea is another best alternate to Tea and coffee and is 100% organic.

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10 Tea bags per box